Thinking aloud. Wide awake.

Unblinking, bloodshot eyes.
Everything is hazy and unclear.
Try to stop looking for a second.
It's like a trance,
Or a drug.
So puzzling,
And unintelligible,
Why this world is consumed.
Even I am of the pack.
Not sure if this phenomenon is what it seems.
Not sure if I am glad of its presence.
I would rather abstain from it,
So as to not become apart of that.
But shall I?
It's simpler to criticize from afar.
Uninterested in the affairs of self.
Hypocrisy surrounds.
Don't allow it.
Or consumed you shall be.

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Putting off 3 essays, 80 problems, and some house work to write a little. Only 2 days left to work on it all....darn flu. Wish there were a few good tricks to make myself want to do this stuff! Well, off to make my Christmas list! Then maybe, I'll start on something truly productive. (; Who am I kidding? I'm waiting until Sunday night to start on everything. Whether I'd like to admit it or not.... Wish me luck!

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